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Vacant Vice chancellor
Jacob Rudolph Associate vice chancellor 865-974-5186
Melinda Simmons Assistant to the vice chancellor 865-974-9438
Andrea Bowditch Business manager 865-974-2383
Lynn Reuscher Accounting specialist 865-974-2928
Cristina Wilson Accounting specialist 865-974-2851

Angie Dobbs Interim director and brand manager 865-974-4852
Leigh Shoemaker Assistant director, web and electronic media 865-974-3332
Carol Andes Senior project manager 865-974-5434
Steven Bridges Photographer 865-974-5004
Penny Brooks Production coordinator 865-974-4854
Brooks Clark Project manager 865-974-5471
Craig Cook Senior interactive art director 865-974-3464
Emily Corum Senior project manager 865-974-8568
Lee Hume Senior art director 865-974-2520
Susanne Morton Senior art director 865-974-5011
Michael Purdy Senior interactive art director 865-974-5198
Donna Spencer Senior editor 865-974-5014
Cassandra Sproles Senior editor 865-974-8063
Angie Vicars Senior writer 865-974-9409
Kellie Ward Interactive art director 865-974-4602
Marcus Williamson Senior graphic designer 865-974-8169
Rebekah Winkler Social media manager 865-974-8304

Tyra Haag Director 865-974-5460
Amy Blakely Assistant director 865-974-5034
Megan Boehnke PR specialist 865-974-3242
Brian Canever PR specialist 865-974-0937
Karen Dunlap PR specialist 865-974-8674
Charles Primm PR specialist 865-974-5180
Katherine Saxon PR specialist 865-974-8365
Andrea Schneibel PR specialist 865-974-3993

Beth Gladden Director 865-974-9008
Tyger Glauser Manager of Special Events 865-974-3409

Russ Hollingsworth Director 865-974-0977
Hayden Antal Producer 865-974-3449
Adam Brimer Producer 865-974-3574
Nick Chafin Senior Producer 865-974-5036
Brad Lyle Video production specialist 865-974-8644
Brian Notess Senior Producer 865-974-5025
Brad Prosise Senior video production specialist 865-974-5077

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