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  • Our team is always willing and available to help our colleagues talk through a story idea, plan for how to achieve communications objectives, and identify potential solutions or resources. We want to serve as strategic partners, even though we may not always be able to provide direct service to deliver a product.

    Regardless of need, it is best to engage with our office as early as possible. We can add the most value as a partner if we are part of the initial stages of the development of an idea.

    Communications and marketing strategies can help solve complex problems as long as they are considered fundamental to the process of identifying a solution.

    We ask all of our partners to do the following before engaging with our team:

    • Identify your goal(s). Why is this important?
    • Identify your objectives. What do you need your communications to accomplish?
    • Know your audience. Who do you want to reach and why? (“everyone” is never the answer)
    • Think about the results. How will you know your efforts were successful?
    • Don’t put tactics ahead of strategy. Bring us a need, so we can discuss and help you identify potential solutions.