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Gaining Influence, Leading Your Work


August 9, 2:15–3:00 p.m.


As individuals lead their own work, it is important that they have influence in how work is developed and implemented. In this session we will explore strategies that can enhance personal influence with other employees and leaders who have a stake in the products produced. Join us as we work through the concept of influence and examine specific behaviors that can support you as you attempt to have influence with others.


Will Ploskonka

Will Ploskonka
Learning and Organizational Development, Human Resources

Will Ploskonka is a native of Michigan and leads a mighty team of three in learning and organizational development within the human resources office at UT. His team responds to training and development needs on campus. Ploskonka has 30 years of experience in organizational education, training, and leadership development. He has been with UT since February 2019.