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UT Campus Map Template

This is a template to create a custom UT campus map.

Download Campus Map Package

Basic Functionality

The basic functionality of the UT Campus Map Template is powered by two APIs:

The Google Map API creates the actual map. We leverage the jQuery Library to achieve the functionality of the markers, info windows, and location list items.


Google Layers

Google provides the bike and traffic layers.

Custom Layers

The custom layers that you can toggle on and off are created in Google Earth (free download). After creating layers in Google Earth, you export the layer as a .kml file, and load the layer onto the map utilizing JavaScript and the Google Map API.

The layers provided with the map template are hosted by the UT Office of Communications & Marketing. You can host your own custom layers and load them on your custom map.


There are five locations provided in the UT campus map template. The locations are a JSON array in the map.json file.

To add locations, copy one of the five locations provided, and paste at the end of the array. Update the information as necessary:

            "title": "This is the title of the building",
            "description": "Provide a description for the location.",
            "lat": 35.9511280000,
            "lng": -83.9251940000

Make sure to watch your commas when copy and pasting locations into the array. There should never be a comma after the last item in arrays.

You can determine the latitude and longitude of a location using numerous free, online tools. Simply google "find latitude and longitude" to find these tools.

Dynamic Locations

If you find that you have hundreds of locations, you can power your location data dynamically. Simply import your location data into a database and use a server-side language to pull the data from the database and load into your map.json file.

Facilities Services provides the up-to-date listing of buildings on the Knoxville campus. You can download their Excel spreadsheet, alter the data as necessary, and then import this data into your database.

The UT Campus map loads building and academic department data dynamically from a database. Please note, our data may not be up-to-date and that anyone building a custom implementation is responsible for keeping their data updated. You can download the same data we use here:

Visual Standards

Please familiarize yourself with the UT website requirements to ensure that your custom UT campus map reflects the identity of our university.


Download Campus Map Package

There are three data sources available for download

Knoxville campus buildings (provided by Facilities Services)

Map Building Data (custom data**)

Map Department Data (custom data**)


** may be out-of-date, you are responsible for keeping your custom data updated

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