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Dreamweaver Web Templates


A Dreamweaver template is a common structure created and used for all or some pages of a website. There can be any number of Dreamweaver templates for a website.

To create a Dreamweaver template, design a web page with a common structure in mind. Save this common structure as a Dreamweaver Template. For this, open File and and click on Save As Template. Give it a name (usually can be 'template' but if you're creating multiple templates for a website it's better to use a descriptive name) and click on Save. This template file will be saved under the folder called Templates (which is automatically created by Dreamweaver) with a .dwt extension. In case you get a message saying that your Dreamweaver template doesn't have any editable regions, just ignore it as it is a new template without any pages based on it. You can add the editable regions after saving the template (.dwt) file. Instructions for adding editable regions are below.

An advantage of using Dreamweaver Templates is when you want to modify the common elements (non-editable regions) of your pages. All you need to do is make your changes to the template and save it. All the pages using the template are automatically updated without you having to check and modify each page.


Installing the Templates

Download the UT Dreamweaver Web Template package. Open the template you wish to use on your website (vertical and horizontal navigation options come with the download). Go to File > Save As Template... and a dialog will open. Select the local site where you want this template to be stored, provide a description, and name the template. Click Save.

A dialog will open and ask you if you want to Update Links. Click No.

Dreamweaver will automatically create a Templates folder in your local site. This folder will contain your template. Upload this entire folder to your server.

Using the Templates

If you already have a web page and you want to apply the UT Dreamweaver Web Template, go to Modify > Templates > Apply Template to Page.... It will open a dialogue listing the available Dreamweaver templates. Select the template you would like to use.

If you want to create a web page using the UT Dreamweaver Web Template, go to File > New > Page from Template. Select your site and then select one of the available Dreamweaver templates.


Editable Regions

An editable region is a named region in a Dreamweaver Template where content can vary from page to page. These editable regions can contain text or media specific to that particular page.

For the UT Dreamweaver Web Templates, there are six editable regions:

Since editable regions allow content to vary from page to page, on an existing page, the editable region content can only be changed by editing that particular file.

To create an editable region in a Dreamweaver Template, place your cursor in the template where you need an editable region and then go to Insert > Template objects > Editable Region. Give it a name. Click OK.

Non-Editable Regions

Non-editable regions are locked and cannot be edited on any page. These non-editable regions must be edited within the Dreamweaver template, and then all the pages using the template are automatically updated when you save the template.

If you have applied the Dreamweaver template to any of your site pages and then you edit the template, you will get a dialog asking you if you want to "Update Templates used in the following files." You must click Update. If you click Don't Update, none of the pages using the Dreamweaver template will be updated. Once they're all updated, then you'll want to upload the files that just got updated.

Click the "Synchronize with Remote Server" button (looks like a recycling or syncing icon, it's the third button to the right of the "Put" button). When you click this button, Dreamweaver will compare your local files with the remote server and see which one is newer version. Or, you can right-click on your local site folder and select "Synchronize."

Dreamweaver will open a dialog listing all the files it wants to synchronize. Click OK to upload these files to the server.


On any existing page, if you want to update content within an editable region, you will make the change to that web page.

On any existing page, if you want to update content within a non-editable region, you will make the change to the Dreamweaver template.

If you want all brand new pages to have specific text within any editable region upon page creation, you will make the change to the Dreamweaver template.


There is only one file to download. Within this .zip file, there are four files.

Download Dreamweaver Templates package

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