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Graphic Identity Guidelines


The UT wordmark is the graphic foundation for all academic and administrative units of the university. It’s the most immediate and most recognizable way for our audiences to know that the publication in their hands or the website on their monitor is from UT. Consistent use of the wordmark strengthens the university's identity as a cohesive yet multi-faceted institution.

The wordmark is like a signature for our campus and should be included on all university communications, excluding personal e-mail.


Whenever possible, the UT wordmarks should be rendered in UT Orange and black. Solid black may be used in black-and-white print materials. On a dark background, the wordmark may be reversed. If possible, reverse only the font and render the logo in UT Orange.


The wordmark comes in three versions: a horizontal version, a stacked version, and a one-line version. In addition, the horizontal and stacked wordmarks may be used with or without the tagline.

The choice of which version to use is dependent upon where and how it will be used in relationship with other design elements. There is no preferred version.



ZIP files containing JPG (300dpi resolution), PNG (72dpi resolution), and EPS (vector) versions of the UT wordmark are provided below for your use. Be sure to use the files you download and not the example images shown.

Horizontal Version

Horizontal version of wordmark Download (ZIP file with JPG, PNG, EPS)

Stacked Version

Stacked version of UT Wordmark Download (ZIP file with JPG, PNG, EPS)

One-line Version

One-line version of wordmark Download (ZIP file with JPG, PNG, EPS)

  • JPG is a compressed, bitmapped image that can be displayed in any standard web browser or image application. The JPG images you download here can be proportionately reduced in size but never used at a larger size.
  • "Reversed" images have the background and foreground colors or values reversed. For the reversed images here, the background is always black, the wordmark type is white, and the UT logo is orange if the wordmark is a two-color version.
  • PNG is another type of compressed, bitmapped image that is used most often on the web at the standard 72 dpi (dots per inch) web resolution. The PNG format supports transparency–often useful in web applicatons. Like JPG, the PNG images you download here can be reduced in size but never used at a larger size.
  • EPS is a vector image (PostScript) and can be either enlarged or reduced in size proportionately without limitation. Also, element and background colors can be easily changed in standard publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign. For this reason, reversed EPS images are not provided here.
  • NOTE: The resolution of the bitmapped image files provided here are: JPEG–300dpi, PNG–72dpi. For larger images to be used in print, open the EPS file versions in a standard publishing application (such as Adobe InDesign) to create the minimum print resolution of 300 dpi at the image dimensions you desire.

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