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Office of Communications and Marketing

Graphic Identity Guidelines

Secondary Logos

The university wordmark is the official mark for the University of Tennessee. The wordmark is like a signature for our campus and should be included in all university communications.

Colleges, departments, and administrative offices may add their unit name to the horizontal wordmark as a unit signature. Campus entities may also use an abbreviated graphic treatment of their unit name, as long as the UT wordmark is present elsewhere in the communication.

To strengthen the university’s visual identity, a central aspect of our brand, the creation of additional logos is restricted. Some secondary logos exist, and in rare instances, secondary logos are allowable. Secondary logos should be subordinate to the university mark.

If there is a compelling need to produce a unique logo, you must contact the Office of Communications and Marketing to discuss your needs.

Logos other than the official university mark will be considered under the following circumstances:

All logos and guidelines for their usage must either be created by or approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing before implementation. All existing logos, as of February 2012, are subject to review and approval.

Request the unit signature for your department, office, or center

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