The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Office of Communications and Marketing

Our Tagline

At the core of our brand identity is our tagline—a short, memorable phrase that is the essence of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. In a world cluttered with messages, our tagline is a torch for everyone to carry on campus, across the state, and around the world.

Our tagline is "Big Orange. Big Ideas."

For guidelines on graphical treatment of the tagline, see Graphic Identity Guidelines/UT Tagline.

Orange is more than a color, and we are more than orange. We are Big Orange. Big Orange is not just a cheer heard on game days. It is a rallying cry for a university community built on spirit, pride, and a tradition of excellence.

Ideas result from experiences, and our experiences reach beyond the ordinary. We inspire Big Ideas, which are more than just mere pipe dreams. They’re everything from small discoveries to major breakthroughs. Big ideas are the possibilities that exist in everything we do.

Contribute to a big idea. Give to UT.

The University of Tennessee. Big Orange. Big Ideas.

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